Thursday, July 16, 2009


As part of my tasty journey, I will attempt to locate the best destination for consumption of many types of cuisine. Today begins our quest to find the best pizza pie in the area. Now, I know we can get heated easily as we all have our own favorites. But I hope the fruit of our discussion will be that you will reject the monstrosity that is our nation's pizza chains.

So let the discussion begin! I want to hear from Knoxville pizza lovers. Where should I make sure to visit on my quest? I have a few favorites of my own, and several on my schedule to grab a slice at soon. I will give you a quick rundown of what I know about pizza in K-town.

DaVinci's New Jersey Style Pizza, S. Central (in the Old City):
I stumbled upon this gem after visiting Barley's around the corner on Jackson. What a find it turned out to be. Some quality of their crust has pleased my palette and I will definitely add it to the list of my frequent pizza stops.

I Love N.Y. Pizza, Chapman Highway (in the Rush complex)
If someone didn't tell you about this place, you would probably never know it was there. But it is totally worth the trip out to South Knoxville. For cheese lovers, this is a pizza parlor you must visit. Since my first taste, I have often found myself craving it.

Pizza Palace, East Magnolia (near Chilhowie Park)
Knoxville's first pizza place is still serving up the good stuff. Since Guy Fieri's FoodNetwork show 'Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives' recently reminded Knoxvillians of the Pizza Palace, it has been even more of a destination for pizza lovers. And rightly so I must say. That hand tossed crust is tantalizing to your tastebuds!

Louis', Old Broadway:
I recently visited Louis' and I will be honest. The next time I go, I am probably not going to order pizza. Don't get me wrong, I am a big fan, but of the times I have been there, the pizza does not compete with the other entrees I have had.

Snappy Tomato, Hardin Valley Road:
I have, admittedly, not the best knowledge of West Knoxville pizza places. But the Snappy Tomato does it right. I am pretty sure there is another Knoxville location, but regardless, the pizza is quite delicious.

As a UT student, I, of course, have been to all Strip staples: the Mellow Mushroom, Oscars, Stefanos and Trinos. The Mellow Mushroom is rather tasty and is a fun environment, but I am a promoter of locally owned businesses, so I will move on to Stefanos. I am going to go ahead and say that Stefanos is my favorite place for a slice on the Strip. Their wheat crust is very unique and I am a big fan.

Of course, no Knoxville pizza discussion can eliminate Barley's Taproom, a multiple winner of the MetroPulse Best of Knoxville award. I am a fan, but not yet convinced it is the best.

Big Ed's in Oak Ridge is on my list of places to visit. At the urging of UT legends Haywood Harris and Gus Manning, I will be hitting it up in a few weeks. I have heard of Haywood's famed culinary exploits and trust that Big Ed's is a contender.

I think I have uncovered the best of South Knoxville, Downtown/UT, and East Knoxville. The vast expanses of West Knoxville must possess many wonderful pizza establishments, and I am confident there is some great pizza on the north side of town. But I don't have a great knowledge of them. That's why I need your help.

If I have missed your pizza mainstay, let me know. I want to hear all of your favorite pizza places! Let PizzaQuest09 begin!



  1. I like Trino's better as far as pizza on the Strip goes, Stefano's is to expensive.

  2. I will try it again. Not long after they first opened I went in and it was a total disaster. Our pizza took forever and I think our waiter spilled a Coke on me. But I will try it again. This time I will wear a poncho.

  3. I was told by a Twitter user that Roman's Pizza off of Cedar Bluff was in the mix. Must try it soon.

  4. Yes Roman's is next door to the Dollar Theatre on Kingston Pike. I forgot about I Love NY Pizza as I believe the store used to be in Homberg Place. It was good pie then and I assume it still is yummy. I need to try DaVinci's

  5. Tomatohead? I've only tried a few of the pizzas so I'm no expert, but they've been pretty good...they seem to have a good selection of pizzas for different tastes. I had a salmon & pesto and a Hawaiian slice the last time I went, and both were quite satisfying.